To build a local, community-owned, and regenerative food system through innovative infrastructure, collaborative practices, and cooperative governance.

At our core, we are a growing community of gardeners working to transform urban greenspaces into lush food-producing microfarms. We believe in growing our own food, right here in the city, and sharing it with our communities. We think the art of gardening has the power to bring people closer together than ever in an age of increasing isolation—but we’re biased.


  • Incorporated as a cooperative on October 16, 2022
  • Developed a garden bed design that is optimized for construction from used pallets (2020-2022)
  • Built a working proof of concept for a gravity-fed automatic water dispenser (2022)

Curbside Farms - Building Garden Beds


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Nourishing Community Together

We’re building an urban agricultural cooperative to facilitate a food system by local gardeners and for local gardeners.

If you love growing your own food and herbs, and would like to join a community that loves the same, join curbside and build something bigger than yourself—together. By becoming a member of Curbside Farms Cooperative, you can help build the world you want to live in and that you want for future generations.

You have the power to reduce CO2 emissions, build sustainability for the environment and community, and expand local growing capacity, all while providing affordable, local, and fresh food for yourself and others.

We can have fresh local organic produce, and we can have it while building a regenerative economy, environment, and above all else, community.

You can’t do it alone, we can’t do it without you, but we can do it together.

Building a regenerative economy, environment, and above all else, community.

We are a group of community minded gardeners, passionate about building a robust and affordable local food system to the benefit of all communities across Vancouver Island.