April Update (2022)

How to become a registered cooperative, step one: hire someone to help you – CHECK!

This month our funding came through to help us pay for a cooperative consultant. We also had our first meeting with them on April 30th. Besides the meeting, here’s a summary of what we did in April.

  • Designed and 3D printed an early prototype part for our custom drill press jig. This will help us quickly drill holes in planks at the right angle every time.
  • Worked out a rough financial model to estimate the cost of producing garden beds.
  • Clarified a set of roles that members might fall into as part of an ongoing effort to figure out exactly how our cooperative could engage with the community most effectively.
  • Continued discussions about Systems Theory and how to define stuff in the universe. It turns out the spatial dimensions are a little over-hyped.
  • Added ‘dynamic routing’ to Taproot which means you can now create pages with custom URLs anytime while the server is running and they’ll immediately be live on the front end. The information for each page is defined in the database instead of in their own files so you don’t need to add a whole new file for each page you want to make. Trust me, it’s cool.


Why do we even want to be incorporated? Good question. The immediate reason is that incorporation will make us eligible for grants that will be essential for the development of our project. The longer-term reason is that, as we grow as an organization, we’ll need a clear set of rules to make sure that decisions are being made democratically and that we stay focused on our core values.