February Update (2022)

Custom drill press v3 concept
Custom drill press v3 concept

This month marks a return to regular meetings and weekly progress after a winter lull. We decided to start posting monthly development notes to help us track our progress and keep the community up to date. Here are some of the highlights from this month.

  • Expanded and de-cluttered our workspace.
  • Started technical development of Taproot, our community-curated horticultural knowledge base.
  • Had our first meeting with CRFAIR to discuss support that they could offer.
  • Entered into discussions with a co-operative consultant about incorporation.
  • Started applying for funding for incorporation fees.
  • Implemented a new document and task management system.
  • Reviewed grants that we might be eligible for.
  • Developed a rough funding strategy.
  • Developed month-by-month timeline of goals for 2022.
  • Began development of version 3.0 of our custom drill press.
  • Re-launched our website.