March Update (2023)

Eric speaking about Curbside Farms to members of TheDock Centre for Social Impact.

We kicked off the month with a pair of planning sessions session where, with our PESTEL and SWOT analyses still fresh in our minds, we hashed out strategic plan that should give us a lot more clarity and direction going forward (more on this below).

We also prepared a rough outline for upgrades that we’d like to see on the website in preparation for working with a REAL web developer and finished our logo!

YAYYYYY!!! IT ONLY TOOK LIKE 2 YEARS AND 300 VERSIONSSSS!!! It is kind of cool though, right?

The Curbside UVic club collaborated with the UVic Sustainability Project and the Campus Community Garden to host an info booth where we talked with students about growing their own pollinator gardens

Finally, Eric and Sonja have been preparing a pitch deck for Curbside, an early version of which was used by Eric to give a presentation about Curbside to the members of TheDock Centre for Social impact.

Strategic planning

During our strategic planning sessions, we developed a framework for thinking about our trajectory that involves phases and programs. There are three phases, which all have to do with the development of our membership, and a whole bunch of programs, which are self-contained projects or capabilities such as setting up a seed sharing system.

Phase one completion conditions

  1. There are 30 committed members in the registry.
  2. Members have tested 10 different workshops that they can offer again in the future.
  3. Curbside’s communications and member organization processes have been well tested and developed.
  4. The bed development program is at a state where we can move on to phase two.
  5. This website is developed up to a certain standard (defined elsewhere)
  6. We have our logo and a bit of other branding work done, e.g., colour palette, font, etc. This particular goal isn’t very well defined but it’s still an important priority for us.

Our target completion date for phase one, as described below, is August 31, 2023. CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!!!

Did anyone else watch Bob the Builder? No? Okay.

Thanks for reading!