September Update (2022)

Ian (left), Eric (middle), and Nelson (right) at our table at the UVSS Clubs & Course Union Days

This was a pretty big month for us! The highlights included:

  • welcoming a bunch of new members at the UVSS Clubs and Course Union Days,
  • finishing a working proof of concept for our automated water dispenser design (pictured),
  • making tea from dandelion roots that we foraged and roasted as a group,
  • making blackberry jam with new club members, and
  • officially reserving the name of our soon-to-be cooperative: “Curbside Farms Community Cooperative”.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in Curbside and who joined us at an event this month. This has been something of a new beginning for us and it’s been a pleasure to have you all be a part of it!